Mission Statement
"Vaccine Solutions By Choice"

Vaccines are invaluable in preventing incalculable degrees of disease, death and disability caused by infections, infestations and even cancer. Our mission is to provide you with the means to access vaccines by prescription based on your choices, health status and UK availability.

These shall be vaccines that are safe and effective while conforming to the highest international standards as well as UK approval guidelines. We also aim to provide you with information about these vaccines directly from the manufacturers.

Enabling you to access the information about vaccine manufacturers, additives and preservatives etc allows you to exercise an informed choice.

Wherever UK regulations allow us to source the vaccine and provide it to you we shall do so bearing in mind your medical history and the need for safe and effective prescribing. Please note that vaccines are prescription drugs and their supply is dependent on availability.

We provide the vaccine by administering it to you in injectable or oral form depending on the individual product. We are an end-user medical organisation led by Dr. D. D. Ratnasinghe. Financial administration of this service is handled by DRCLINICS, which is his sole trader organisation.

Why Choose Us?

Use our services because the following distinguishes us from our competitors:

  1. Vaccine Doc consists of a friendly, helpful team based completely in the UK.
  2. Vaccination services are provided by an experienced NHS consultant.
  3. We provide direct telephone access to our consultant for aftercare.
  4. Our prices are competitive and clear from the outset.
  5. Community outreach services are available in a variety of national locations.
  6. We also offer Home Visits at the discretion of the doctor.

Notice of Price Increases

As from the 1 April 2014 the rubella and measles vaccines will be 110. Please note there are no additional fees for registration, prescription or consultation. Home visits however are usually subject to a fee depending on the distance of travel.

Refund Policy: These charges are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy: Appointments can be cancelled at any time without notice. You will be offered a mutually convenient future appointment within vaccine expiry period.

Meningitis B Vaccine:
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